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Test HTML emails on your desktop or in your email provider

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Hey hunters! Kevin Mandeville, Product Manager and Email Designer at Litmus, here. As someone who has their hands involved in email every day, I know what a hassle it can be previewing and testing HTML emails. That’s why we built the Litmus Extension - a Chrome extension to bring the power of Litmus right where you build. There are 2 key use cases with the Litmus Extension: 1) Preview and test HTML emails on your desktop Simply open up an HTML email file in your browser and activate the Litmus Extension to get access to Email Previews in popular email clients (Outlook, Gmail, iOS Mail, and more) in just seconds. Any save to your email will automatically re-generate Email Previews for you. It’s the fastest email testing workflow ever. It doesn’t matter what editor, task runners, frameworks, or build systems you may use either - the Litmus Extension supports them all: - Dreamweaver - Sublime Text - Atom - Coda - Brackets - Grunt - Gulp - Zurb’s Foundation for Emails - MJML 2) Preview and test HTML emails directly within your email service provider (ESP) You need to test every email before you send it. Normally, you send a test email from your ESP into the Litmus web app for every single version. Now, you can simply fire off Litmus tests with the Litmus Extension directly inside your ESP and iterate with every change. Not only can you preview your email in popular email clients, it will also check your subject line, links, tracking, images, and more alerting you of any possible errors you need to fix before sending. The Litmus Extension currently supports these ESPs: - Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) - MailChimp - Campaign Monitor - IBM Watson Campaign Automation (formerly Silverpop) - Eloqua Try it for yourself: We can’t wait to hear what you think! Ask me anything, I’ll be responding to any questions you have.