Litho is an input device for the real world.

LITHO is the input device for the real world. Combined with our Unity SDK, developers can build apps that bridge the physical and digital worlds unlocking a new category of precise and intuitive mixed-reality experiences.

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My name is Nat, and I'm the CEO of LITHO. Thanks for taking the time to check out our product! More detailed information can be found on our website If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please share them here. I'll be here all day to answer your questions.
@litho amazing device - would love to chat more!

Tested it during development.


- Surprisingly comfortable, doesn't fall off that easy - Can pick up the interactions right away - It looks cool but it also *feels* cool


- This is a beta so software is a bit still light, unless you are a dev you might be limited for now

Amazing what is possible these days. Nat - did you initially create this for playing games or what was you general thinking behind use cases for this tech? Seems like you can do a lot more then games with this now.
@dragilev Thanks Dmitry. The initial use case we had in mind was 3D creation. We felt AR was the perfect medium for this because it allowed you to, not only to interact in 3D, but also to design in the context of your surroundings. LITHO was built to provide the precision and layers of input to enable these sorts of interactions. However as soon as you start build AR interactions it becomes apparent that gaming is also an excellent use case. Firstly there is something immediately delightful about AR visualisations. Furthermore, the ability to create games that change depending on the environment means the gameplay is always unique to that moment and that place.

Clearly a lot of clever design and thought has gone into this; it's going to be huge.


Very clever and well made product with lots of applications



Very strong product design


- Revolutionary spatial interactions; game changing for VR/AR - Intuitive handling - Virtually unlimited use-cases