Literary Map

Post literary moments and follow your books around the world

Literary Map is the community of literary voyagers where you can travel through yours books creating public and private moments. Live a new way to enjoy and find books, discovering where and when they happen and following them around the world.
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Hi makers, Many years ago my mother told me that when she read her books, she was following the story through a globe to see what places the protagonists visited. From time to time I remembered that idea and a year ago I finally decided to implement it. Now let me introduce you Literary Map. With Literary Map you can create literary moments that will allow you to follow your books around the world. A literary moment is a review that you post on the map with the place and date at which it happens. You can comment on anything, about the book, a phrase, how you are enjoying it or where you are reading it. I hope this project will trigger your imagination and enhance the way you enjoy your books. Join me in the community of literary voyagers. I began my journey with Around the World in Eighty Days of Jules Verne. Which book will you start your journey with?
Hey @alkimistx! This is so cool. It's great that Author, Title, ISBN and User can be used for searching.
@rebecca_ferrao Thanks! More features coming...
I think this can help you concentrate when you are reading, expand your mental map about the book and remember better the so called literary moments.