Duolingo for blockchain.

This crypto-thing can be overwhelming...

LitePaper is a knowledge base that makes cryptocurrencies and blockchain easy to understand.

Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum or the ideas and concepts that hold them all together, the team at LitePaper is working hard to create a learning experience which is simple, engaging and effortless.

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In an industry where there is so much complexity and misdirection, Litepaper really does a great job of making things not only simple to understand but also enjoyable. A great product.


Very easy to use - simple to understand - insightful and engaging.


More content more regularly please!

Much needed! But do you have a business model?
Hi @haoyangnz thanks for the kind words! We have a couple of monetisation strategies we are looking to experiment with early next year - but in the interim we are focused on creating as much value as we can through continuously improving the product and content.
Hunters/Huntresses 👋, Since we began this project in 2018, the markets have gone through some pretty serious—at times calamitous—ups and downs. Our mission, however, remains unchanged: to build the simplest, best-in-class learning experience for students of the crypto-verse. I’m James, and it’s my pleasure to introduce LitePaper. 🚀 The blockchain world is complex, and to laymen, often impenetrable. We believe these technologies have huge long-term capacity for change, and should, if we’re careful, inject new energy into our ailing global financial systems. We want those unaware of these possibilities to learn and understand them fast, without having to plumb the depths of r/Cryptocurrency (or read Don Tapscott). Some of you might remember our proto-site Aysha, which we advertised earlier this year. We’ve recently completed a full rebrand, have changed our name to “LitePaper,” and have given the site a full-blown makeover. We’ve also brought in new team members and a long-term partner we are excited to be joining forces with. We’ll soon have a new product feature, a platform for a curated selection of experts to add their own insight to our learning resources. We would love to hear from you. Whether you want to work together, have an idea or scathing feedback, we’re all ears, and you can reach me directly at: Much love, Happy hunting!
Very cool! Would love to see some articles on IPFS/Filecoin 😉
Thanks @peterrossc. Just added it to our content roadmap!
@jamesdyer Look forward to it 😄
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