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João Martins
João MartinsMaker@martinsfjoao · #️⃣ + 💬 =
Hey Product Hunt 😃, Despite having a flagship phone I prefere using lite apps like Twitter Lite, Messenger Lite, etc. Because I'm always trying to find lite versions to replace my bloated stock apps I tried to find a complete list of them but I would only find incomplete blog articles. So I decided to build my own. 😎 Let me know your feedback and maybe suggest some lite apps that I have missed.
Sri@spsrinivas30 · Works on data science
@martinsfjoao I wish there was something on iOS too. I use light version of web apps on Safari. Do you also provide the "light-links" to most used apps?
João Martins
João MartinsMaker@martinsfjoao · #️⃣ + 💬 =
@spsrinivas30 I know what you mean, I'm an Android user and when gathering this list I tried to find lite apps that were available for iOS too but what I found was that none of this apps were available for iOS... One that I know is "Friendly" for Facebook. It isn't an official app from Facebook but I use it on my phone and I know that is available for iOS too. For "light-links" aka PWAs you can checkout this website: from @oskarlarsson 😉
delsteini edwein
delsteini edwein@delsteiniedwein
Lite apps ha huge demand these days. You can get all lite applications for free on iOS devices using TopStore app ( store. All apps are available for free on this app store.