Easily sell products and subscriptions with Stripe ๐Ÿ’ต

Litch lets you create customised payment pages to sell physical goods, files or subscriptions.
Link a domain, add a live-chat, create coupons and set product variants.
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No coding required.
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Hi PH! Litch lets you create nice payment pages to sell anything ranging from physical goods to ebooks and subscriptions. Itโ€™s directly tied to your Stripe account. Why another payment page service? Existing services like Gumroad are good but I needed more flexibility and customisation, to the point where I could use it as early-stage landing pages. That means a richer description editor with lots of text, images, videos, links, etc.. Some other features include: - Custom domains - Email receipts - Add extra HTML for a livechat or Google analytics - Coupons - Product variants and multiple subscription plans In case you need it, this lets you use all of Stripeโ€™s awesome API for more complex needs. There is no upfront cost although there is a 3% transaction fee. Those can be waived by upgrading to the Pro plan once you sell enough. Iโ€™d be very happy to hear feedback and answer any questions. And gave a great day :) Vince
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Awesome product, will definitely give it a try. Great stuff Vince!
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@bnjmnlbr Thanks Ben ๐Ÿ™
Really impressive tool for payments ๐Ÿ™Œ Does it integrate with Google Analytics? Would be greta to create conversions events on the page.
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Thank you @lachlankirkwood :) You can add in the "Advanced configuration" section a Google Analytics snippet. Events aren't tracked by default but this is something I can add
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@vincelwt Sounds great. An integration with tag manager could be just as useful for manually configuring events.
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