World's smallest responsive CSS framework (398 bytes!)

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 15, 2018

lit is the world's smallest responsive CSS framework. It includes grids, cards, tables, typography, and more... all in under 400 bytes (minified and gzipped)

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Have always looked for something small like this, when all I need for a website is a grid (still have to learn CSS Grid). Thanks!
Nothing I love more than a teeny tiny CSS framework and this fits (very snugly) into that category :) Great work. Will try it out.

This should be default style of HTML,

Its THAT small. :D .


This can hide default ugliness of basic HTML.



This is awesome! I now know what I will be using in my next project. Lit needs to be the #1 product of today!
Finally someone did it. Thank you Arham