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Is Lit from the makers of rapkey? If so I can't wait to try their product it was a lot of fun to use!
@bouazizalex Hi Alex, yup we are the creators of RapKey (!
LIT is a custom keyboard community anchored in pop culture. Users are able to both create their own keyboard, as well as download pre-made keyboard collections, which are made up of lyrics, soundbites, and dubs.
I've always found custom iOS keyboards to be unbearably slow. It makes me think Apple cripples them deliberately. It seems crowd-sourced keyboards would lead to even slower performance. How has Lit addressed keyboard performance issues on iOS?
@ryanmac good point - I've noticed performance issues in iOS keyboards as well. We have addressed this in a few different ways through cache and some other unique things done just for this product. We are always looking to to make the experience faster and more stable - let me know if you have any suggestions. We first noticed this when we launched RapKey and it's gotten a bit better with time so hoping that trend continues in the future. The more interesting thing to me, with regard to Apple, is the hoops and "scary" warnings that iOS users are forced to go through to install a keyboard extension with "Full Access".
YO! I'm co-founder of LIT. Really excited to get this out to the world and see all the LIT content that is created. My personal favorite thus far is the Khaled keyboard collection.
Really love the idea and how creative this is.
@bellauccella thanks! Let me know if you have any suggestions/feedback ๐Ÿ”‘