Create to-do lists that stay in sync and update in real time

ListPal is a super minimal app to create shareable checklists that update in real time. Use it for grocery lists with roommates, vacation planning with family members, or task tracking with coworkers.
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Hey everyone! I'm happy to introduce you to ListPal, a simple and handy little app that I've been working on. It was born from me and my roommate sharing grocery lists through Facebook messenger. We'd be in the middle of doing something and think "Oh man, we should really get this while we're out". The problem though is that eventually it would turn into random items thrown together throughout our message history, or strewn throughout the house in sticky notes. The added benefit came when they suggested a live view, if every person who was watching the list could see what items were getting checked off. That way, if we split up in a store to grab different things, we could see what each other already picked up. 🔑No account needed to create lists ✨Progressive Web App capabilities 📱Mobile-first minimal layout 💸100% free and open source If you visit it'll generate a brand new blank list for you at a unique URL that you can give out and share with whoever you want. Thanks for checking it out!
Can I share a list with, say, 5k friends? Is there a limit?
@luisrocklu No limit! Although, you might give my system a nice work out, haha.
Looks like a great way to remain organised and keep track of all you need to get done. Wish you the best of luck with this project!
awesome! please create Telegram bot from it
Wow! Awesome product!