Automatically create and manage Twitter lists

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@dylaneirinberg - I think Twitter lists are such a shame... I don't know why Twitter do not try and do something better with them, they can be so useful!! Such friction when trying to do anything with them. Glad you've done something about it - what was your pain that you just had to solve with this?
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@bentossell It's seriously one of the poorest most cumbersome experiences in the entire twitter ecosystem. However they treat third party app developers like total crap, so I'm even more glad to have someone else doing it. Never again...
@bentossell I always found that one of the biggest pain points with Twitter was using it during events. It's frustrating to be following a live sports game, with other unrelated content popping up on your feed. Twitter Moments is a start to solving this, but it isn't personalized with the people you follow. Being able to create and manage your lists in only a couple of taps has solved a lot of these issues for me.
@dylaneirinberg nice! Yeah moments would be way better if it was curated for the individual!
Nice work @dylaneirinberg I recently built (featured on PH) to find amazing Twitter Lists 'cus they are underrated! I did a Medium post too on why Twitter needs to seriously stop hiding Lists and improve them.
@gadgick thanks I'll check it out
I had reports of login issues for some people. I just released an app update fixing this, however if it's affecting you now follow these steps: Go to the Settings App on your phone Select Twitter Tap on your account(s) Reenter your password(s)
Looks cool but I Cant downloaded it to iphone5? Saying its only support 5s and up.
Now that's a very little useful and very easy to use app! Nice job!✌