This is a free tool to turn web data into Excel. All you need is just one-click. It automatically extracts clean data and arranges them into rows and columns. They provide scheduler, e-mail alert for auto web scraping. In addition, the databoard allows you to register thousands of URLs at once and export all into a single spreadsheet with clicks.

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Hello, PH. I didn't expect Lislty could be featured and ranked on the main. Thank you all. Listly has the strong algorithm to analyze any web pages and arrange data. Until now, Listly has done more than 100k of requests from users in 170 countries and internally been tested with a huge dataset of different sites. Most of them have shown excellent results. We concentrate, however, on few failed cases to gradually improve our services. We are eager to change the way you extract the web data. We all (analyst, marketer, researcher, developer, and users without coding skills) handle data every day and make an opportunity with it. But the way to get clean data is still difficult and unfair to someone. Listly's mission is to let you focus on your real work, data analysis. We will remove the obstacles to clean data. We have just started the regular service a month ago. Welcome more questions, feedback, any opinions for better features. Happy new year, Changmin
Did anyone use it? I'm curious to try it out, as one of my day to day jobs to do is scraping data.
@vladcalus I am sure that it will work on your pages, too. I recommend you have a try. Welcome questions or feedback.
GUT REACTION : Oh cool! Spreadsheet A A Verb [SAAV] - Normalize all the things - yes. BRAND : Very minimal, which is on-brand for the data people - but the site could be a bit more modern - to help echo the competence at a glance [CAAG] of the tech behind it. PROBLEM : Data scraping is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and soul-killing. SOLUTION : Chrome extension that translates sites into normalized excel sheets. MARKET : Big data - finding data to feed our adolescent ML / AI overlords is v. high prio rn. COMPETITION : - I know there's others, but I think of as king here. TEAM : WOAH - it's by the former Director of Engineering of Vimeo - that's legit. Wait. Nope. Different Listly. TRACTION : Made by one man show [?] @koreaccm - who's been pushing on this dream since at least 2014. PRICING : Freemium - $10/mo - very reasonable CONCLUSIONS : Great solution to a real problem - curious if there's a new angle on the tech - that'd pave the way for an acquisition by @importio?
Great job !! Can this be used on any social platform such as linkedln or another apps ? Will have to try it out 😊
@ayush_chandra If you use Listly Chrome Extension, it will work in most cases. Feel free to let me know when it fails.
@ayush_chandra Hello Ayush, have you tried, how is it?

Didn't expect it to be so good. It did the job amazing, without any bugs/errors.


Worked perfectly as advertised.