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#4 Product of the DayJuly 14, 2019
Listle lets people save time and enjoy content on-the-go. Instead of sitting in front of your computer reading your favorite blogs, you can listen to them while you commute, run or cook. All audio articles on Listle are read by humans.
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Hi, Product Hunt! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ We are Listle (@marianicolae9, @radu_mazilu3, @alexandru_enc) and we're very excited to launch here! πŸš€ Listle was born as a solution to the painful process of using crappy text-to-speech software to listen to articles on the commute to lectures. We used open source solutions and save-for-later apps, but none were great. We noticed that as much as technology has evolved, listening to a robotic voice for more than five minutes is still simply terrible. That's why the audio articles are narrated by people. There's so much content out there, but only a small fraction of it is in audio form. With Listle, we're trying to bridge the gap between all the interesting content that's in written format and the growing popularity of podcasts. We're happy to hear any feedback / questions you might have! 😊
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Here's my Listle profile with a narration of an article I recorded myself! I still miss Umano and would love to find a successor.
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Very nice! Trying it out now. Where do the audio versions of articles come from?
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Hi @alexey_pyzhianov , We're really glad you like the product. We are currently experimenting with different models. For some of the articles, the authors them-self record the audio version and for others, we do it. You can also convert any article you like in audio, instantaneously, using the request feature, powered by AI.
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Audio versions of articles are made by humans, right? That's a cool way to avoid the artificial voice, but how is it scalable? Or do you anyway plan to use AI for scaling?
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Hi @ihor_levenets1, Thank you for the feedback! You’re completely right. The audios of the articles are made by humans. Regarding scalability, we are envisioning a marketplace where anybody can become a narrator and record the articles that are being requested by the community. We would love to hear more of your thoughts regarding the app.
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@marianicolae9 well, that's actually a great vision, good luck with that! Hence your product quality must be your real marketing superpower πŸ’ͺ
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Very enthusiastic user of Listle! Have been waiting for an app that helps me get through all the blog-posts I wanted to "save for later". Excited to see you grow your library!
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@mikemahlkow Thank you for the support, Mike! πŸ₯³We're excited too!