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ListGenies build contact lists of decision makers strictly relevant to your business. You can have our team of 30 researchers find Email, Cell, Social Profiles & More and put into a clean Excel Doc. Our quality control team then makes sure that each contact is relevant specifically to you and that all contact information is valid and up to date.

Rishi Mathur
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  • Rishi Mathur
    Rishi MathurFounder, Codegiant

    Genuine targeted list of users


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    I used the list of about 500 founders of startups and launched an email campaign to these targeted list about my product Codegiant. The campaign performed really well and got me good conversions.

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Ben M. Argeband
Ben M. ArgebandMaker@benargeband · Founder @
The internet is rife with abusive data brokers reselling outdated, and repackaged data lists which waste your money, IP sender reputation, time and energy. We discovered, through a lot of trial and error (our original platform built business lists automatically using AI), that the only real way to obtain real relevant and up-to-date information was by using a manual researcher with some assistance from our AI tools. The core problem in creating any data list is quality - making sure each entry on the list is relevant to each customer. So we restructured our company to focus on ’quality curated’ lists with a round the clock team performing human verification on relevance and accuracy of each entry on each list. What ListGenies can research for you: 1) Basic decision maker info: Full Name, Job Title, Company, Website, Individual Business Email Address, Telephone, Mailing Address 2) Advanced decision maker info: All Basic info + Cell Phone, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram URL 3) Other quirky types of lists we have created: Eg. A list of professionals missing LinkedIn headshots - for a local portrait photographer. Eg. A list of companies using X software - we call and asked! Turn around time: 1,000 leads in 48 hours.
Shreyaa Ratra
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via
@benargeband Hi Ben, If you are planning to do B2B sales, Target a) Companies who are hiring for corporate sales, B2B sales, enterprise sales because if a company is hiring for these roles, it will have the need of a product which can do list building for their employees b) SaaS companies who have recently raised funds because these companies will be planning to increase their sales and your product can be useful to them.
Ben M. Argeband
Ben M. ArgebandMaker@benargeband · Founder @
@shreyaa_ratra This took me a while to understand where you are coming from. - Thank you! I am trialling your platform now! Cheers
Kobe SD
Kobe SD@kobe_sd
Great product!