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#5 Product of the DayOctober 31, 2015
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I built out of pure frustration of Twitter essentially ambandoning the feature they launched back in 2009. I love Lists & use them to add fellow colleagues, view daily tech news etc. Searching for Lists also is difficult on Twitter... So a community driven web app that shares awesome Twitter Lists Read my Medium article here:
Nicely done. It is so sad that Twitter, after finally raising the list limits to unlimited lists of 5000 users, gave us no better ways to manage it. Sadder still is the killing off of great tools like Formulists and the almost dead :( I'd love to see a number of subscribers and number of people on the listing.
@kmullett I'm actually working on a tool similar to the ones offered by those services, is there anything in particular that you liked about them?
@kmullett Awesome idea! Leave it with me & I'll see what I can do. Apparently Twitter will be doing more with Lists in the "coming months" but I'd like to see exactly what it is. They've killed of searching, hidden it away..
I think if I had to search for lists, that would be a slightly better way to do it, though this seems optimized for twitter list discovery.
@datarade Yep, is ideal for searching but my aim wasn't to provide a search "engine" as such, it was more about suggestions from the community and as you say, discovery :]
Thanks for the upvotes, folks! I'm working on integrating ListFind more with Twitter (subscribe from within the site etc.) but any ideas/suggestions let me know! Looking forward to variety of Lists you folks add :]! Happy Halloween!