Listen to YouTube without loading videos

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once this gets big enough, youtube shuts them down. always happens with every plugin/extension/app that has this functionality. you're not allowed to play the audio without showing the video. it bypasses their ad products in preroll, etc.
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@thejeremycarson Yep, i did this a few years ago(i think 2010 or 2011), here is a video about it:
Youtube did not shut it down(i guess because i was showing the actual video), but almost every real music video was banned from embedding on my site. At the time i had to start every video to find out if its actually playable on the site, so the UX was really bad, when it skipped like 10-15 videos until it found one that was a really bad ukulele cover by a 6 years old...
I can't remember where I heard about this and I've no idea who made it, but I think it's a nifty little tool. I personally use Spotify to listen to music, but I know a few people who prefer streaming off YouTube (including one who loves Christmas songs regardless of the month). Here's a bit of blurb from the site about the benefits: ListenYo was created for one purpose - to allow mobile users to "listen" to YouTube, without loading video content. This means: Quick access to all YouTube videos in audio format Up to 4 times less internet data, while keeping the same audio quality Browse other apps while listening or turn off your screen, significantly reducing your mobile battery usage Auto-play, repeat and all that jazz... Basically a smartphone user's wet dream. ListenYo is web-based and completely free of charge.
@riaface There is a native trick for listening to youtube while using other apps: 1. request desktop version 2. minify the video. 🎶
@eonpilot If I minify or lock the screen in Chrome on iOS (after requesting desktop version), it pauses playback. Plus it still uses a lot more data than just the audio, which is what ListenYo does.
@riaface ListenYo is 👌 I use safari. In Lockscreen just hit play and it works again. As for battery I think apple is smart enough to not use Battery when no graphics are shown. 💃🎶 I use this trick for the 24h Chill-hop radio on youtube:
cc @alexandre_cami
@eonpilot @riaface @alexandre_cami literally listening to this very channel as we speak.
@abasa @alexandre_cami So gd. Sometimes they play ASO: Which is similar.
VOX for iOS and Mac can do the same ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I subbed to YT Music for this but noticed that they have a bias for lyric videos that don't pay ad revenue to artists.