Listen Paradise

Listen to commercial-free radio on a minimalist interface 📻

Listen Paradise is an minimalist interface to listen commercial-free Radio Paradise (

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Was this done with the permission of itself? They are commercial-free because they are supported by their listeners. They sell merchandise, have amazon affiliate links or can be supported by a direct payment. You are stripping them of all of that with this website. They are not some corporation or something, they are just few folks and this could be hurting them. I listen to them for ages and love them and this isn't right. It should be clear to everyone who they are and how you can support them. You learn that only on their own website. -
@kuzeljan I think you're unfamiliar with the concept of radio. Every radio station is public and you're free to choose the player that you like. There are mobile apps, desktop apps made by Radio Paradise fans. And yes, I shared this website with Radio Paradise 3 years ago when I made the first version. I'm well aware of how they fund it, this is an open source project to contribute to the RP community and spread its word. In case it gets too popular, I'd just donate it to Radio Paradise.