Listen Along

Listen to Spotify with others in real time

Listen Along allows us to listen to Spotify along with friends and family in real time. Sync up with your spouse while you're both at work, while gaming with friends or while skiing to experience the hill similarly instead of hauling around that Jambox.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Love it. Now, if you could do the same thing with Netflix.
@evan_kirkham try the browser extension Netflix Party...:)
@pachun, I'm confused. Am I not able to be a Broadcaster? What if I want to listen with a friend?
@genemillerjr To be a broadcaster, you have to sign up by listening along with someone else first. Once you've listened along with someone else, whatever you listen to is broadcasted. Let me know if you're having issues or if I am being unclear!
Love that curators can share current streams with their network or audience. Great way to create a more collaborative experience πŸ‘
@lachlankirkwood Thank you so much! Very excited to see how much interest there is!
Hi. I have a similar product, but the music streaming come from youtube. :)
How does this differ from JQBX?