Add songs to any Spotify playlist using your keyboard

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Listen is a Mac app that lets you add the playing Spotify song to any of your playlists, using keyboard shortcuts that you define.

Tommy Kuntze
Simona Andrieska
  • Tommy Kuntze
    Tommy KuntzeUX Designer

    Easy to setup and even easier to use. Quickly and effortlessly add a currently playing song to the appropriate Spotify playlist with hot key


    All pros

    Been wanting this functionality for a long happy it can be done now!

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Danny Postma
Danny Postma@dannypostmaa · Founder of
On behalve of humanity, thank you so much! 🎉
Ryan Peterson
Ryan PetersonMaker@ryanipete · iOS developer, mostly
@dannypostmaa Haha, happy to help!
Ryan Peterson
Ryan PetersonMaker@ryanipete · iOS developer, mostly
Hey everyone, Listen is a utility for the Mac that lets you add songs to your Spotify playlists using keyboard shortcuts. I've been hoping for years that Spotify'd add this feature and finally just decided to build it myself. It's a simple product, but I've been chipping away at it for about a year in my spare time. Hope you like it! Let me know if you have any feedback. Ryan
Simona Andrieska
Simona Andrieska@asimona · Software Developer at CodeWell