Goodbye screenshots. Hello ListaPost

Great App! I hate to do screenshots in Instagram, when I want to save the post. Thanks!)
@rohachova_o Thanks. Now you don't have to scour your photo album to find those posts. Happy saving!
When I was in the middle of creating another app, I realized a lot of people take screenshots of their Instagram. That didn't make a lot of sense!!! How do you find the post in all your pictures? How do you organize all those pictures? So I created ListaPost to make it really easy for people to save their favorite Instagram posts without taking screenshots. ListaPost allows users to save the posts into customized lists and easily share them from within the app by email or textback or even post back on social media. In our beta testing, we saw a lot of use cases we never imagined when I first started. Excited to see how the @ProductHunt community uses the app. And interested in the feedback. Feel free to ping me directly @nazarian_ben
Nice one! When Android?
@omrishabi Thank you. The Android version is currently in BETA and a few weeks out from going live. We will make sure to post it here and ping you with the good news.
@nazarian_ben Benjamin. Thanks for sharing your app here. I personally automated this task while ago with a simple IFTTT Recipe.* (If I like a photo on Instagram, save it to my dropbox/ or photos) and it made my life much easier. haha. Though, I've tested your app out of curiosity. Found that to use it there is an initial registration that requires an email sign-up. Additionally, It requires to login in the app with your Instagram account, and it's not an option if you want to use the app. Also, there is a $5 in-app purchase to hide the watermark. yet, if you do a quick research on AppStore, you'll find many similar apps offering exact same thing, for Free. no email signup and they don't require in-app login with your Instagram account. and no watermark. Just out of curiosity, As the developer. Why would anyone want to choose ListaPost over the alternatives? * Recently, had to switch to after Instagram big update with new Icon & API. Since IFTTT had some issues with new Instagram API & removed many Instagram’s triggers!
Can't wait to try this out!
@prsarahevans Thanks. Would love to get your feedback.