Launch your own location based curation app in days

With Listado you can curate places of interest or food joints you love and publish them to iOS & Android apps from a browser based interface. You can monetize the recommendations by bundling them for in-app purchases. Listado also supports rich metadata including images, geolocation, timings, tags, etc. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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This is really cool :) Do you have any app we could try? Do you have other 'themes' in mind besides location based? I could see it being used for quite a few other things.
@guillaumebardet Eat Italy is an app that recently went live using Listado. Below is the App Store link for the app. Do check it out. Listado is for managing curations and publishing them in a simple manner to your mobile apps. Location is one of the many rich metadata information that you can add to your curations. Yes, we are looking to add more such themes to Listado. If you have any specific requirement, we are happy to discuss with you, add it to our roadmap and see how quickly we can meet your need.
Amazing app for others app. Great design.
What about ownership of content?
@sonaal You own the content and the mobile apps. We understand that you invest considerable amount of your time and effort in curating and building an audience for it. We deeply respect your need to have control and not have your data held captive by someone else, just because they are technically "savvy"! Listado is simple to setup (we will do it for you!) and once setup, you do not have to worry about managing it (we will do the product updates for you!). The web application and the data reside on your servers and you will have complete control over the access to it. You could switch from us to another company to maintain your setup, without waiting on anything from us. The companion mobile apps that come with Listado, would be setup from your account on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We will help you in publishing the mobile apps, but you are the sole owner of the content and the revenue generated from them. You are in complete control!
I'm not clear, is the content delivered to a white labeled app or to the Listado app under a profile?
@alvinmilton Listado is a white label solution. When we you license it, we would configure the web app and the mobile apps to meet your requirements and link them to each other. The web app will be hosted on your servers and the mobile will be uploaded to the respective app stores under your account. You will control the data in the mobile apps through the web app on your server. Did I clear your doubt?
Such a nice innovation. Finding and deciding for food becomes easier. Loved the design.