A collaborative checklist app built on community

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Listables is a community of listmaking. After reading Atul Gawande's The Checklist Manifesto ( I was impressed by the importance of, especially in the realm of medicine, keeping accurate checklists. Listable and the American Cancer Society are working together to spread health information quickly and clearly. What an exciting product!
@kikischirr Thanks Kiki for hunting us !. Just wanted to say hi to the Product Hunt community, we're very excited to be here! I'm more than happy to answer all questions and tell you more about Listables. As a quick intro Listables is available on iOS, Android and web. We are changing the way people use lists and are making them social and collaborative. You can track your progress, share you todos’s and take advantage of community curated checklists. With partners such as American Cancer Society with their cancer prevention and diagnosis checklists Listables brings the strength of a collaborative checklist and the power of community together.
@rameshdot0 Thanks ! Much appreciated.
Wow. This is really the need of the hour. The problem with googling is, we don't know if it is an authoritarian info or outdated. Sometimes it could also be misleading information. Hope Listables solved this specific set of problems. Congrats on your launch.
Really like the design!
@esqrama Thank You Rama !
Really cool! I wrote my thesis on digital checklists -- -- so I'm happy to see this start to go somewhere.
@1wu Thanks for your feedback and taking the time Leslie. I went to the link and its very informative. We have tried to make Listables as a very flexible platform and your thesis certainly helps us get more context. Thanks once again.