Easy way to browse curated lists on GitHub is an easy way to browse curated lists on GitHub.

For every language, framework, platform, topic, you get:

- Beautiful directory of the best resources

- Organised in sections

- Searchable

- Each repository with its GitHub stars and forks numbers inlined

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Thanks for the hunt @sdsantos! That's basically it. It's a simple website that adds basic features to GitHub that are relevant for curated lists, such as the curated "Awesome Lists" organized here by @sindresorhus: I was working on and these holidays (which are community catalogs of npm packages mostly about React) and thinking it would be nice if the database was exported to a markdown file with a format similar to the Awesome Lists. Then the developers of Algolia released yet another great community project this year and I re-encountered their Github Autocomplete project. They provide an index with stars and forks for the entire universe of GitHub repositories (made possible thanks to Thanks to this it was possible to create this client-side app without having to pay for another server and without frequently hitting API limits on GitHub. The code is available here, built with Create React App: There are many more lists made by the community that I want to add in the future. Feel free to contribute by adding them to this file: Thanks again 👍
Looks interesting. Did you guys curate it manually?
@evivz Thanks 👍 Everything is manually curated by people. Each list is maintained by someone and @sindresorhus (and others) categorize those lists of lists (and there are more like these) here: Some additional information also comes from GitHub Explore, which is also community-curated: