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Simple UX, does exactly what one wants for a quickly accessible to do lists on mobile devices
I love this idea, but it didn't work as I thought it would as I started the process ? I thought it was broken at first, I tried imputing a few different single items and received an "invalid request" error. At that point I thought there was a problem and almost abandoned until I tried with multiple items and it worked ? I guess I assumed I would be able to insert singular items and manage from there and possibly keep adding via sms but I assumed wrong I guess. Like I said I love the idea but possibly pictured the workflow happening differently in my head. Im looking forward to trying this further, great idea.
@derekmartin Thank you for giving it a try! This first version of List Bot was built to solve the problem of my wife texting me grocery lists. She would send me long, comma-separated lists and I'd wander the store haphazardly getting items on the list and having a hard time with a list of 20+ items. I actually like going to the grocery store because it gets me away from the computer, but dealing with the SMS list was a pain. We have a newborn and a 3-year-old and while my wife loves tech, she just doesn't have time for a new App (there are a lot of great to-do Apps!) and SMS is her go-to solution. So currently, as you experienced, List Bot takes a comma-separated list and turns it into a disposable, one-time use list. No login, no registration. I'm working on new functionality to add items to an existing list via SMS (currently you can do this via browser from the URL) as well as some list management solutions and intelligence – My initial goal has been a basic proof-of-concept to gauge responses and use. Some current functionality include texting the word "lists" to the number and it will give you a list of your lists. Texting "send" followed by a number will forward your most recent list to the number (ex: send 7185551234). I've got a lot more work to do on this, but I really appreciate your time trying it out and your feedback!
@mjnewman I see your train of thought and I completely understand, this is an interesting idea and hopefully my feedback was helpful.
Hi @derekmartin definitely helpful! I've added functionality to add items to an existing list – The new functionality is the keyword "add"... Text something like "add napkins" and it will be added to your most recent list (you can have multiple lists). You can add single items, or multiple items by texting add followed by a list of items "add whisky,pizza,beer". To create a new list, just text a comma-separate list like "pop-tarts,bananas,shrimp". If you get a chance please give it a try! Disclaimer, it >>might<< be buggy.
Hey @mjnewman a bit late but I tried your new add + list feature....The "add" works great and intuitive, as for creating a new list... although I can create a new one I don't think I can manage my lists ? Other than scrolling back in my text and identifying the old url links ? Would be great to be able to identify and manage multiple lists, this may not be your vision but this is where my mind went as I was using. Hope this helps. DM
Hey @derekmartin – Thanks for giving it another try! You can manage older lists, text "Lists" and you'll get a link to all of your active lists. Your feedback is definitely helpful!!