List and Invite

Create an event, make a wishlist and share it with guests

List and Invite is a tool to easily create an event, coupled with a wishlist to send to your loved ones.

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Dear Product Hunt team, I’m sure You are all wondering what List and Invite is?! Wonder no more- List and Invite is meant to make everyday event managing easy, fun and also give it a modern twist. Having a birthday party- great! Christmas gift lists to deliver- check! BBQ in your back yard- say no more! Literally all of Your life occasions can be managed through List and Invite. With us the user gets to build a wishlist for any occasion, send it to the guests and they can choose what to bring in real time. We also gave it some “homemade” invitation designs so the users can add an invitation to the list (We will be adding a selection of Thank-You cards with our next update). Why don’t we have an app? Excellent question- I ask the same from Apple support almost every day now. See the thing is, our app has been in review for more than 4 weeks- yes, 4 weeks! Since we are such restless souls we had no patience left and launched the web version first. Triin and Rauno
Lydia SugarmanCEO/Founder

The example of a child's birthday party is spot on, but there are so many other applications! Friend potlucks, surprise parties, family holiday dinners, etc.


This is a lifesaver for all kinds of parties and events!


I don't know any.

How do you plan to sustain the app? A paid for addition?
@ssxio wishlists themselves are for free, but the invitations can be bought in addition