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#3 Product of the DayAugust 17, 2016
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Hello ProductHunt! We've been building Lisn for a couple months now, and just launched on the App Store last week. Music recommendation on mobile is broken — sending a URL through iMessage/Messenger/Whatsapp means jumping between apps, and there's often no feedback on whether your friend liked the song or not. We've found that listening to the song together and chatting about it live is a great way to discover new music, and Lisn sessions are a super addictive experience! It's like you're listening to music in the same room, and playing DJ for each other. We're excited for you to try it out, and as always, would love to hear any feedback you might have!
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@abnux Great concept. Congrats on launch. Listening to music is a passive experience for most people. How do you intend to make it more active? Would be some hooks that help create a habit? Just curious.
This is pretty cool. Lots of options of this via web but interesting to bring it to mobile - its the techy version of having one earphone in each right? haha I like these types of products but always interested in the long term and daily use here. I like sharing a few tracks but mostly when Im listening to my music with my headphones then I want to do that by myself - no other input haha. Whats the inspiration and game plan here?
@bentossell The chat rooms let you actively discover and listen to music together, while the rest of the app is for solo consumption! So at the end of the day when you've received some great reccos from friends, you can revisit them by yourself as friend playlists or from your Saved tracks.
@bentossell I agree. I think if you plot out music consumption hours as a function of how many people are involved (by yourself on the left, at a concert all the way to the right), there's a long long long tail skewed heavily towards consumption by yourself. I think that's inherently due to music being so personal. Most people don't want others to judge their music choice.
Love this idea! A former coworker and I used to like listening to the same music when we worked together, and coordinating it was a pain. We've talked about building something like this. I'm wondering if you're going to expand it to listening to music with strangers. Sometimes it's hard to discover new music, especially if your friends have the same taste as you. I can imagine evolving this into a great discovery platform by connecting strangers. What if you use location to let people near each other [perhaps anonymously] listen to the same music. I'm on the bus to work, and I can hear the music someone else on the bus is listening to. I'm at work, and I can listen to a random coworker's music. It might lead to new friendships too!
@vanessa_ronan Ya we're considering that. Glad you like the idea! One of the four co-founders gets added as a random friend whenever someone joins, so we've been having fun Lisning with random strangers. Hopefully we can help other people do the same based on overlapping music tastes
@vibhasjain That's sweet! It would be cool if anyone could randomly join any other group too.
Dope idea, will download and check it out.
Been Lisn'ing with @vibhasjain for the past hour and he's shown me some cool tips and new tunes! I can't wait to use this with my girlfriend while we're both at work. Great job guys!