Lisbon Azulejos

Collection of Lisbon walls patterns for designers

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Maxime Braud
Maxime BraudHunter@mxbraud · Mozza & Mangrove cofounder
@mathieugrac went to Lisbon and spent hundreds of hours recreating all the wall patterns you can find in the city. This tool is super fun to use and it inspired me to try some geometric stuff in my designs. 🔶🔷 Thanks dude! 🙌
Mathieu Grac
Mathieu GracMaker@mathieugrac · Product & Ux Design
Thanks @mxbraud for hunting my tool 🙏 I discovered Lisbon in 2016 and felt immediately in love with the city. And as a designer I went crazy when I saw the diversity of patterns that cover the walls of Lisbon. I decided to vectorize all of them, build a platform to offer free ressources for Illustrators & Designers and spread the portugese culture ☀️🌈 I would be curious to have your feedback 😉 Enjoy patterns!
Thomas Chrétien
Thomas Chrétien@tchret ·
neat! are these patterns free to use?
Mathieu Grac
Mathieu GracMaker@mathieugrac · Product & Ux Design
@tchret Thanks a lot 🙂 yes all patterns are free to use!
Fiodor Tonti
Fiodor Tonti@happytorso
@mathieugrac is any attribution required under a Creative Commons license?
Mathieu Grac
Mathieu GracMaker@mathieugrac · Product & Ux Design
@happytorso Nope, i'm pretty sure they are in public domain. You can use them however you like, print them on billboards if you like!
Nicolas Le Roux
Nicolas Le Roux@nico_lrx · Growth Marketer
Great project showing very well how creative Lisbon is!
Nicolas Wielonsky
Nicolas Wielonsky@nicolas_wsk · Freelance Developer
I really like these patterns, great project ! I want to go to Lisbon now haha