Machine Learning powered engagement predictor for Instagram

#1 Product of the DayJuly 01, 2017

Lisa is available on Google Play Store from now on

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The name is perfect :)
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Waiting for Android version!
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@pavlo_pedenko hey great to hear this! We're working on it
@pavlo_pedenko @demirtarik Can we get notified when it's released? :)
@duarteosrm sure! We keep emails sent from our website to announce this kind of updates :)
What a great idea! So often I have about 3-4 photos that are basically the same and I have to choose between them. The concept of letting a machine decide has some pretty good intelligence behind it. I'd love to see a bit more on the page/site/app/screenshots about what factors it looks at, how it decides, etc. Also, to what extent it integrates with Instagram - I'm guessing something like this can use the official APIs quite comfortably. Does it do hashtag recommendations as well?
@rossdcurrie Thanks a lot! Decision features are hidden behind the algorithm, I mean it depends on images. Let me just say that thousands of features are considered while calculating. By the way, Lisa recommends hashtags tailored to content of photos. Completely related hashtags increase your engagement beside selecting the right photo to post.
Love the name. How deep are you going on this stack? Automation from a pool of select assets? AI powered social editorial calendar? You'd disrupt a lot of people here :)
@dereksine thank you Derek! As you mention that these features will be our further updates. Stay tuned :)
Would LOVE something like this for FB ad creatives to figure out the best images for an ad!
@chrisgscott Great idea Chris! It's definitely in our further plans :)