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LiquidTalent is a two-sided on-demand marketplace that connects high-end developers and designers with fast-growing companies through social connection. Whether you're a hiring manager looking to grow your web and mobile engineering teams, or need top designers for UI/UX layouts, logos, and custom graphics, LiquidTalent is the fastest and most trusted way to hire technical talent on demand. Get started by creating a talent profile or job listing, and enter the LiquidTalent Stream, which will showcase the most relevant professionals for you to work with. You can search by keyword and and use filters to explore the LiquidTalent community further. Hirers can use LiquidTalent to: - Browse the best talent to grow your full-time team or complete your contract-based project - Create multiple job and project listings to attract talent to your company - Send direct messages to talent you want to connect with - Schedule call requests to speak directly with candidates - Create a saved list to develop a pipeline of talent prospects Talent can use LiquidTalent to: - Browse meaningful full-time jobs and contract-based work opportunities - Create an enriching profile to show who you are and to display your top skills - Directly message hiring managers at companies you're interested in - Make call requests to speak directly with hirers over the phone By connecting mission-driven companies with vetted talent that has a track record of building and designing successful products, LiquidTalent allows our hiring partners to continue building world-changing companies, and we enable talent to find meaningful work that adds purpose to their lives. LiquidTalent would love to hear your feedback about our product. Please email to share any feedback with us.
@jehankanwal Hey Kanwal! Are you the hunter or the maker? ;) Who more is the maker actually? Interesting platform, a bit TL;DR though, and when did you launch? I guess that's why they removed it from the home page... it's not really a launch not something for product hunt if there's no possibility of discussion here. What do you want from the makers, I guess sign up huh? :)
@milann @jehankanwal not the maker. I posted on LiquidTalent's behalf. We launched yesterday and the makers are Alex Abelin and Scott Annan.
Interesting concept. I personally feel that the freelance/talent acquisition market is a much needed, yet sensitive area. Will be keeping an eye out for this. Best of luck!
@haidersyed LiquidTalent agrees with you! Let us know how we can help you. Thank you.
Interesting to hear what your exit strategy project nonetheless. Best of luck!
wouldn't it kind of make sense to show images for creative work? clicking to dribble just makes me think that I should simply be on dribble instead (or coroflot or others)