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#1 Product of the DayMay 10, 2014
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This has similarities to what we built at PlayHaven (rebranded to Upsight). Anyone use this? Very curious to hear about its results b/c I've seen several companies promise app personalization/auto-optimization.
Hi, I'm the CEO of Liquid. We just started our Beta stage. We build Liquid so it is quick and easy for developers to personalize an app. But please try it and leave us your comments and suggestions. We have a lot ideas to make it even more powerful but want to hear from our users their ideas. At the moment we are focusing in mobile, but will soon expand to other platforms. There are a lot of platforms that do analytics but they are never an one-stop-shop. There are not so many that offer personalization, but most when they do, they make you develop in their own platform. So, our goal is simple: to be an one-stop-shop analytics platform that offers real-time personalization with no code change and without making compromises on the tools used by the developers.
@alexandregvaz - nice. How are people using it today?
Hi, I'm the Product Lead of Liquid. Nowadays people use it to manipulate state, layout and control variables that can change the overall experience of the application. Our SDK its open and our platform truly flexible allowing the developers to go NUTS on the changes they want to do on the apps. Some examples are: - Change layout and application workflow for different user profiles and behaviors. - Change control variables to allow the activation of popups to present selling CTA's. - Change colors, backgrounds and web views content. - Change content based on user segmentation, example controlling the values that you pass to your API calls. Really nice work with Product Hunt btw!