Liquid Text 2.0

A better way to understand text - across multiple documents

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Hi folks, thanks so much for including us on Product Hunt! Let me know if I can answer any questions. LiquidText 2.0 is really about helping people understand information even when it's spread across many different sources. Here's a quick demo of the new version
@craigtashman will you be adding any handwriting options with the apple pencil?
@robertmckee We absolutely plan to! It's more technically complex than it ought to be in our case, but we want to start work soon, and we're hoping to launch it around the end of the summer!
@craigtashman great to hear. That feature is what was missing for me. I will go back to liquidtext and retry it. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. The other features are definitely innovative interface designs.
@robertmckee Thanks a lot, I'm glad the rest of it resonates! And hopefully soon we'll get out the inking as well.
@craigtashman Can we get it for Android or Windows soon?
LiquidText is absolutely the best way how to read PDFs (books etc.) and make notes. Best!
@tombarys Thanks so much, Tomas! We really appreciate it!
@craigtashman It really improved my workflow so much – the approach goes behind all boring PDF annotate tools and is even very usable. The only weaker features are exports: I would appreciate exporting workspace – to both PDF and some mindmap file (OPML/.mm?) + with the same granular options when exporting PDF as when exporting DOCs. Best!
@tombarys I completely agree--we struggled with the best way to deal with exporting the workspace. But we'll likely be adding a visual workspace PDF export (to complement the more linear DOC export) soon. Possibly in the next month or so!
@craigtashman great, good news! thanks
This looks awesome! I am a PhD student and reading scientific papers in PDF is rather painful when you need to scroll back and forth for graphs etc..Not to mention comparing multiple docs! Would it come to Mac? or even PC?
@rangerq Thanks so much! LiquidText actually came out of a PhD dissertation in interactive computing, so it's wonderful to see it being used in that setting! As for other versions, we hope to release Mac and PC versions--it's a big project to port it, but ideally we'd like to launch Mac and PC versions in Q1 2017.
@craigtashman That's great, thanks! It's worth waiting! I have purchased multi-doc to show my support:) It's just that iPad screen is rather small for scientific journal formatted PDFs, in the layout of Liquid Text... By the way, is it possible to have Evernote integration in the future?
@rangerq Thanks so much for your support! Evernote may be a little tricky, but what I can do is upvote it for you on our request list. If we get enough votes, we'll see about adding it!
Love the idea
@contactdailycam Thanks a lot, let me know if you have any questions about it!
The idea is great.
@abkhare9 Thanks a lot, and let me know if I can answer any questions!