Liquid 2.0

Automated growth marketing for mobile apps

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Hi everyone, I'm Alexandre, the CEO and Co-founder of Liquid. I'm really excited to be featured in Product Hunt today! At Liquid we have the mission to help you automate your growth efforts on mobile apps. With the re-launch of our product we are offering a complete new approach from what exists on the market. We give you the ability to automate your communication with your users in a meaningfull and timely manner. Use Push Notifications, in-app messages, emails, notify your backend or any other third party via WebHooks or even easier using Zapier when a user does something that matters to your business and communicate with them or notify your team about it. The most beautiful part is that you don't even need a developer, our pre-built formulas do everything for you and even give you ideas of what you should be doing with the information you are collecting. We also completely changed our UI and made it simplier to achieve your goals with just a few mouse clicks. If you're looking to improve your app results, try Liquid! Happy to answer your questions.
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I’ve been using Liquid for months now, but this version 2.0 is quite amazing. Great privilege to have been one of the chosen apps for beta testing and be able to contribute to this awesome automated growth marketing tool! Can’t wait for the new features ahead!
@andreia_campos Thank you Andreia for all the bug reports and feedback provided during long months of product development both by you and others from Gleam team.
Hi Alex, congratulations on the Liquid 2.0 launch. One of the problems I normally see with marketing automation tools is that they are normally quite limited on connecting with third-party services, which is paramount nowadays. That said, how are you making sure this new product is a part of your customer's marketing value chain and not a end-point itself?
@joaoromaolx Hi João Romão, you are right, most analytics platforms and marketing automation tools rely on their own communication features only. Our approach is different, we integrate and automate actions via third party tools like SendGrid, Mandrill, Twilio(via Zapier) to happen at the right time based on user activity. We basically open the information gathered by analytics to a lot of third party integrations via Zapier (SalesForce, Trello) or even Slack directly. This way you notify your sales team of an in-app purchase as easy as you send an in-app message to your users announcing a new feature or your latest release.
@_jasoares @joaoromaolx that is cool! Slack integration is crucial nowadays. Good job!
@paulofonseca_me Thanks. Can you share what would you do with Slack in your case?
@_jasoares Interesting. You mention you support webhooks but can you share some actual use-cases of what people are doing with them?
@paulofonseca_me @_jasoares True. On our company we have a #status channel on Slack that receives crucial notifications from the main 3-5 services that we depend on.
First of all I want to congratulate the team behind this excellent product, I've been using it for almost 2 years in Coacher. As a developer I use it to track what users were doing on a crash, it helped me countless times and saved me hours in bug tracking. The product's integration in our App was quite easy and fast, I can't recommend it enough. And now with the 2.0 version things got better, more information, more insights. I foresee awesome features in the future.
@nunoonun Thanks for your words. We will soon let everybody know of the exciting new stuff we have planned for the near future
Can vouch for it. What a great product.
@gamafranco Thanks Tiago! Our team appreciates your comment :)