Dub your voice over famous videos

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Marc-Antoine Durand
Marc-Antoine DurandMaker@durdurand · CEO & co-founder, Lipp
Hi Hunters, we are happy to launch LIPP. It is a very funny app to put your voice on any video. We worked really hard to make LIPP a very simple and intuitive app to use. We would like you to give us your feedback and have a lot of fun !
Adrien Dulong
Adrien Dulong@adulong · CEO
Nice move guys! Love the UX.
Sophie Halliot
Sophie HalliotMaker@sophiehalliot · Co-founder & COO at Bobler
Thanks! @adulong
Edouard PETIT
Edouard PETIT@edouardpetit · CMO @Bunkr
Really great product! I am already addicted ;) Nice job guys!
Victor Grange
Victor Grange@vctrio · Co-founder @SOAPapp
Great UX @nicolasfallourd Nice job guys
albanHiring@albn · CEO, Sketchfab
Super fun and creative app, gg @durdurand!