Lionshare for iOS

Simple cryptocurrency price & portfolio monitor, now for iOS

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1 Review5.0/5
Does it connect to coinbase (etc) APIs to pull in transactions? Or must they be added manually?
@mscccc I downloaded it last night. Currently, it doesn't connect to Coinbase, but I'm hoping they give that option soon.
This is awesome! Just wish there was support for Bittrex coins like NEO.
This looks awesome, nice work ๐Ÿ™Œ! How are you deciding which coins to addโ€“ are we going to see coins like iota, neo on here at some point?
@aaronykng @chetaaron we are working on adding more assets. Ideally we should have everything at some point :)
Yes please add at least all top 10 coins + The biggest exchanges (Bitfinex, Bittrex)
Amazing app. Would definitely like to try this one.
@iamrahulkapoor It's live on the App Store right now!
Can't wait to use it!