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Hey guys, we created Lion for people who want to work on achieving better online browsing habits. Lion is an accountability browser that tracks explicit websites you visit and sends them to a partner of your choice. This keeps you accountable. You might be thinking "why would anyone want to do that?" - The truth is people can easily become addicted to porn and it ends up taking control of their lives, ruining their marriages, and more. You can read more about why we created Lion at . Start using Lion and start taking control of your browsing habits.
@patrickleeadams what other sites are deemed as explicit? some people do get addicted to certain things, no doubt about that. But a lot of people visit explicit websites and wouldnt want people to know that. Is there a specific demographic in mind when you were building this?
@bentossell Yea, the target demographic are people that are actively trying to limit/block the amount of explicit sites they visit. I could see this being used by Christians, Mormons, married couples, "nofappers" (yes they exist), and people that just want to keep themselves more productive and eliminate the temptation. You might ask "why not just use a blocker?" - most of the time blockers become frustrating because they block sites that shouldn't even be blocked. An accountability browser gives you the option to visit any site while teaching you the habit of avoiding explicit ones.
@patrickleeadams love it there should be more products in this space!
@erinchampwalker thanks Erin! We're hoping to transform Lion into something that is much more than just a browser.
I forgot to mention...Lion is currently on sale for the easter weekend!
From the site "sending a list of explicit websites you've visited to a partner of your choice." - what is the draw to get people to want to do this? I imagine if people are visiting sites that are deemed explicit then they wouldn't want others knowing?
@bentossell this is for people who are struggling with addiction and want a way to keep themselves accountable and receive help/support from a trusted loved one. Keeping things secret can make it really difficult to change.