Lint for Sketch

Validate your designs against your design guidelines.

#2 Product of the DayMarch 27, 2019
Lint for Sketch is a tool to automate visual design testing. The plugin works for typography, color, spelling, contrast, and padding issues.
1. Extract the rules:
2. Check for errors
3. Fix the errors
Read more about the plugin here:
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Hello! It looks interesting. I want some hotkeys for actions, it’s not very convenient to select them in the menu. (The problem of many plugins for Sketch)
Or put the plugin menu under the right mouse click, if it is technically possible.
@andrey_torus great suggestion! I made this as a proof of concept prototype, but now that there seems to be a lot of desire for this product, I'll be working on refining it. Lot of updates coming soon :)

I like the premise, but for getting started everything could be a lot better documented and example sketch files could be included. Without something to get someone less familiar with this system, it takes a lot longer to adjust to this than it should.


Concept? Solid. Functionality? Mostly good.


No "getting started" or examples I can find.

If only this worked for indesign...
@themellwood someday I shall write this for the Adobe suite :D