Manage and share your collection of sites.

Bookmarks in browser are simply not enough. We want to store important links, share inspiring content with friends or colleagues and be sure that we don’t lose them. It’s just simple to add sites to Linqes and share them.



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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Delicious rebooted? I've seen several general purpose bookmark-sharing tools over the past year but none of them seem to really take off. What use cases do you imagine will be most useful or compelling, @michal_marek1?
Michal MarekMaker@michal_marek1 · 🙀 OH-OH! THERE HAS BEEN AN ERROR…
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, well, we like the idea of share good content like StartupStash… and you can actually create something similar by your own with this. We tried to think about how to use it differently if someone don’t want to use it as a typical bookmark-tool. So I have created a to show how it can be used… We have plenty of ideas how to improve it but there is no point to do it now. What I want is to keep it simple, because other tools started to be too complicated and confusing. Its still a early idea and its on people what they want and i think they will show us the way how they want to use it. Thanks
Michal MarekMaker@michal_marek1 · 🙀 OH-OH! THERE HAS BEEN AN ERROR…
New milestone here… We hit 100+ users in 1 day! Thank you everyone! We are excited what will be next and please, feel free to ask any questions about Linqes… Thank you!
Michal MarekMaker@michal_marek1 · 🙀 OH-OH! THERE HAS BEEN AN ERROR…
Hey guys, I am so pleased and excited to introduce our idea to you. Linqes was developed because our (as a small company) list of bookmarks to different services and inspiration started to be too big and confusing, especially hard to share with our colleagues or clients too. So having everything (mess from bookmarks bar) on one place and accessible to everyone who had certain permissions looks like good idea. We created online bookmarks groups and it was actually very helpful and we enjoyed how smooth it was. So we decided to redesign it, make it available to anyone, and create this online web-app for free. I hope you can find good reason to try it and let us know if its good even for you. We are still in faze of testing (beta), but we are ready to tweak many things as possible to make it better. You can find information on our landing page and try it by sign up through Facebook, Google or email. In short after you sign up you have your own Preset and in this preset you can create up to 10 Groups - in these groups you can import up to 10 links/bookmarks. You can share your entire Preset or just a one Group - just click on share icon next to title and you will see your unique link to share. Well yes, we are still trying to make it easier and more understandable, but we think its good start. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thank you…