A simplest way to share links with your team/community

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I'm surprised Linky Dink hasn't been posted already. It's a super easy way to build a collaborative email digest with your team or friends. And that's right, @SoleneMa. Product Hunt started off as an email list using Makeshift's tool (cc @stef, @choosenick). More on that story here.
The original link is not to the Linkydink app. Beware, that link is #NSFW.
@Keeran25 just told be about Linkydink. I wanted to know how product builders are using it - internally in the team or to build a community? @rrhoover, did you use it as a MVP for PH? Their trello roadmap looks very cool.
@rrhoover Ha! Yeah. Ohh, the irony...
Glad to see linkydink here! May it spawn many more Product Hunts! We tried a similar thing called Job Hunt actually. There must be many more... Cc @rrhoover