Shorten, edit and copy your Figma share links

Shorten, update and copy your Figma file share links at any time with Linky, your design will be always available, even when you make big changes like removing frames or moving them to a different document.
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👋 Hi all I'm Ismael, product designer and design-tools creator from Madrid. I've been designing with Figma for over a year now, and the one thing I find it keeps struggling me is when I share a design and people tells me: "Hey the link doesn't works". If you like to have your files clean, I'm sure you are constantly moving frames around to keep everything organized. Sadly when you already shared a link with someone those kind of changes makes the link to no longer work. I've always had in mind to build a link shortener for Figma, but honestly it was a big project that was way beyond my coding skills, so you know, just wrote down the idea and i kept working on other Figma plugins as Super Tidy or Content Buddy (which btw reached now nearly 35k downloads together). Since we are now in COVID times and honestly I had more spare time, I kept thinking... maybe now I have the time to challenge my self and try to build this link shortener plugin. And so I did it. It has been a real challenge setting up the different services for shortening, authentication, but now is time to share it with you. I just hope you find it as useful as me. Feedback and comments are more than welcome!
That's a great plugin! I wish short links were possible in Figma natively. But even then, your implementation still would win. :) Great job!
Que buena Idea Ismael. Voy a incluir tu projecto en la newsletter que envio los Martes, si no te importa. Lo veo muy útil para los lectores. Desarrolladores y diseñadores digitales. Por si quieres saber cuál es; Buen trabajo un saludo. /Mike
Hi, I've installed it but how can I access it?