Understand the connections in your data

Linkurious is a graph visualization and analysis platform used for fraud detection, anti-money laundering, intelligence or cybersecurity.

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Looks awesome, but from the very beginning a bit hard to understand the UI
@nikitabakirov I agree :) Maybe a nice tutorial will be helpful @jvilledieu
@bogomep Thanks for the feedback. We're working on adding a tutorial in the future. Meanwhile, here's a video demo:
@jvilledieu btw, you can use @inlinemanual for the tutorial. I am sure that @sotak can help you with that. Thanks for the video, very helpful!
Explore and discover the insights hidden in complex connected data like financial transactions, security logs or social networks. Linkurious allows you to analyse graph data to make smart decisions. A demo is available here:
I'm Jean Villedieu, a co-founder of Linkurious. Let me know if you have any questions!