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Hi All! Firstly, thanks @chetaaron for the hunt. We created Linktree because we got sick of constantly changing our instagram bio link when we had something new to share. We figured there should be a simple tool which allows you to put one link in the bio, leave it forever and then easily add, swap and change the links that are visible Especially now with Instagrams algorithm change, the posts users see aren't chronological. So a link currently in your bio may not be relevant to a post that your followers have read! Linktree allows you to link to multiple links so you can always have relevant content on display. Here are some of our favorite uses: We're currently hard at work getting ready to release some key new features before the end of the year, including analytics, geo-links and scheduled links. We really hope you love it - please let me know any questions you have, would love to chat :) Cheers!
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Nice concept. I wound up doing this myself in WordPress.
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@scottwyden Liked your page. I kinda have the same thing. I agree. It's a nice concept, but I'd rather have it on my own website unless they're offering some special features. PS. Your Pinterest URL doesn't work :)
@behrouzix thanks! odd the Pinterest link doesn't work for you. Does for me.
@behrouzix @scottwyden Hey guys. We've rolled out simple click tracking on each of your links now. You can also easily add mulitple links and drag and drop them which is a lot simpler than building your own page for the standard user! I used to do it on a wordpress page too - make sense! :) We're rolling out a lot of feature in Feb that will make it much more useful. Would love to hear your feedback once that's rolled out! :) Cheers.
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Giving this a go!! Any chance you have measured the uplift with someone using Linktree vs someone who doesnt?
@anthony_stylianou Awesome - Let us know your thoughts! Yes, so far we've measure that for every user landing on a linktree profile they are clicking on 1.8 links on average, meaning end users are interacting with more than just the original content :) We'll post more about this soon on our blog and some other insights
@alex_zaccaria great! if you could let me know when your post an update on your blog that would be amazing. Or send me the link to your blog and i'll check it out in
Linktree is a free tool for optimising your Instagram traffic, whether you’re a blogger, an artist or run a content platform. Send followers anywhere from your one bio link: articles, webstore, events, socials and more.
@chetaaron thanks a lot for the hunt :)
@bmannelli Thanks! Hope you enjoy it :)