anonymously store and organize links to your fav content

Anonymously store and organize links to your favourite online content with A single passphrase gives you access to your collection from any browser on any device.
No personal data is ever collected so your saved links will always be anonymous.
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πŸ‘‹πŸ½ I built linkstore using Meteor JS (React with SSR + MongoDB). I wanted to build a bookmarking solution that was: 1. Anonymous (who wants to save adult content using their real email?) 2. Capable of including and excluding saved entries with tags (show me results that are: software, -tutorials, -js) 3. Super fast (try it out and let me know how it feels) Happy to answer any questions!

good service for accessing links on public computers without logging in and exposing your password.


very quick to use, it is good that you have the option of tags. anonymous, without a password.


really wanted the option to change the key phrase or create my own.

thanks for the feedback! I've modified the app to allow you to create credentials: Let me know your thoughts!