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Simply create a list of links. Then share it!

#1 Product of the DayOctober 06, 2019
Use this application to simply create lists of links. Use it to create a wishlist of items from eBay or Etsy (or both!), or a list of funny blog posts/videos/images that you want to share with a friend.
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I created this app initially as a way to share more than a few URL's to my wife. As I mention in the "What can I create a list of?" link on the website, I regularly get caught looking through the /r/aww subreddit, and finding things that I know my wife would like. Rather than sending her tens of messages, I can now just send her one, and she can remove links as she looks at them - sort of like a to do list. As well as for sharing cute animal photos to my wife, I wanted to be able to share a wish list of items from eBay and Etsy. It's amazing to think that they both don't have a wish list (or any working list functionality), so this application comes in very handy for that. The application has the added benefit of being able to add links to products on any website, so the wish list doesn't have to be tied to a single store/vendor, it can be a wish list of anything on the Internet! Feel free to ask me any questions, or check out the application and have a look at the code! it's open sourced :)
It would be awesome if I can get my profile and all my listings remain available for a short period of time. Thanks for creating this!
@tanmay_singh2 Hi Tanmay! Thank you for your support. I apologize for it taking a while for me to reply, I couldn't figure out how to actually reply to a comment on Product Hunt! Had to get in touch with support and now I'm good to go. Anyway, regarding being able to view your profile, I'm interested what this could look like. Would you want your profile to be persistent across devices? Or just saved on the device that the list was created on.Making them available across multiple devices would involve setting up authentication, and possibly have a negative effect on the apps "simple" ethos.. Would love to hear further thoughts on the idea though!
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Good for small list to focus on
This is quite useful!
@myokyawhtun Thanks Myo!
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Luke, this particular product you created is a Super idea "Twistable" into various other expandable ideas, Love it! :) Please comment further explaining if the different links we create using your app if they will remain active permanently? Years ago, similar software was developed to create directory related listings of specialized research and other types of information some were freebies and other research was marketed and sold through different payment modules like PayPal and others etc. Lots of different expandable ideas and possibilities, can definitely be developed further. I know you mentioned being open sourced but please comment more regarding my comments and the app's development into other expandable ideas etc., etc... Thank you very much for sharing and creating this and I look forward to hearing more info and details, greatly appreciated! Thank you David
@david_babins Hi David! Thank you for your support :). As for the links, they are permanent! Well, as permanent as the DB host, who is Google, so maybe not *that* permanent πŸ˜….. I'm only joking, I have no doubt the hosting service (Firebase) isn't going anywhere anytime soon :). As for developing into other ideas, I don't currently have further ideas, but I'm more than open to feature requests! If you would like to suggest some ways that Links List could be made better, please feel free to get in touch with me however best suits you :).