Easily customize and exchange contact info

Exchanging and organizing contact information is now easier than ever!

* Easily customize the info you want to share

* Instantly share with the scan of your Links code or via hyperlink

* Links will automatically capture the date and time when you add a new contact

* Organize your new contacts into groups

* Option to sync with the Contacts app

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Indie iOS developer 👩🏾‍💻
Hi everyone! I’m super excited to introduce Links for iPhone in my first Product Hunt launch! It’s a quick and easy way to customize and share your contact info. If you’re tired of coming across people in your phone contacts, having no idea who they are, this is the app for you! SHARE YOUR CONTACT INFO: - Pre-load your profile with your contact information, including social media profiles - Use the switches to determine which info to share with each new link* - The newest feature, profiles, allows you to preset your info for various scenarios, - making sharing quicker than ever! - Quickly share your chosen information via your Links code or hyperlink - Share via contact card (.vcf) if they don't have Links *link = a contact GET CONTACT INFO: - Tap the location bar to set your location - At an event? Tap the location bar again to add the event name - Simply scan to get info from a new person - Add info manually if the other person doesn’t have Links - Your location, event (if added), and the date, will be captured with each new link, so you'll never forget when and where you met OTHER FEATURES: - Call, FaceTime, message, email, or open social media accounts directly from the app - Add notes to each of your links - Organize your links into groups - View your history to see when and where you added your links - Add any link into your Contacts with the tap of a button - Turn on 'Sync with Contacts' to automatically add new links into the Contacts app when they are created A Little About Me: My career has been in the consumer goods industry, but a few years ago I started teaching myself to code and enjoyed it so much that I just kept going. I spent 9 months building Links on nights and weekends. It’s designed so that it’s still useful even if you never meet another person who uses it, but so much better if everyone does :-)

I've been using this app for a while since Melissa originally released it. It's a great way to share contact info and really helps you organize all your contacts.

It even remembers the time and location where you got the contact so it is easier to remember who the person was in the future. Super excited about this app!


This app is a great way to dynamically share a contact card with your friends and it makes it super easy.


Needs integration to an online management interface.