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these guys seem to be working on some very cool stuff
An awesome solution for app developers / marketers. Lets you embed one link in an CTA button, then direct the user to the appropriate destination based on their device (i.e. iPhone > send to App Store page, Android > send to Google Play page, desktop > send to landing page).
Great idea! Tried to put the link into my Twitter profile and it said invalid url ???
@FelixReznik That sounds strange, do you mind sharing the link? I just put one my twitter profile a few hours ago. Could it be missing http:// or something like that?
@fgevert Figured it out. When I copied the link, it caught an extra space at the end and that's why Twitter didn't take it. :)
Hi, my name is Fredrik and I'm a co-founder of Linkredirector. Thanks a lot for posting our site and inviting me to join the discussion! I'll try to answer your questions the best I can and would appreciate any feedback you might have.
This is a really fantastic idea. Plan to try this out soon in our demo app soon. OK? :)
@kartikparija That's great! Any feedback you have on your experience would be appreciated.