by Later 2.0

Add one link in your Instagram bio—drive traffic anywhere.

Today we launched a new & free version of by Later. allows you to connect your Instagram posts to any webpage through a dedicated link in your bio.
Track performance and optimize your strategy with clicks, pageviews and UTM tracking.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
As a user, I love to see the linkinbio by Later because I can always find the link I want no matter how old the posts is. As a marketer, I love it for the same reason plus it isn’t a hassle to keep updated. Later also gives great tips to help grow your account and get traffic from Instagram.
@aubree_carter So glad that you find useful ✌️Let us know if you have any suggestions to make it a more powerful product!
Hey everyone, I’m Cindy, one of the co-founders of Later. I’m so excited to share a FREE tool to help you drive traffic and make sales from Instagram today! We first launched by Later over 2.5 years ago and I’m happy to say it has been one of our most successful features to date. In fact, has driven 200 million+ page views from Instagram! Today, we’re making available to everyone, for FREE, so businesses of all sizes can do more with the link in their Instagram bio. Here’s an overview of the features: 🔗 A custom URL that can be copied directly into your Instagram bio 🖼 Your page looks like your Instagram feed, so it’s super easy to navigate ⚡️ Add links to individual Instagram posts (even ones that are already published) 📈 Track performance with click analytics, pageviews in your Later dashboard 🔑 Monitor traffic from UTM tags in Google Analytics Part of the 2.0 updates: - Analytics: Track Performance with click analytics, pageviews and sales through Shopify - Google Analytics Integration and UTM tracking - multi-links (link to multiple items on one post) including products - product checkout powered by Shopify - significant speed and performance improvements - plus a significant update to the management interface If you want to remove the branded banner, add multiple links to one post, or use our Shopify integration, you can upgrade to the paid version for $19/month. We would love to hear your feedback, comment below or you can tweet me at @cindychenc
Literally been working on a similar project, last year and I dropped development because I was overcrowded with project work and had no co-founder :)) But this isn't about me so, feel free to skip my shameless boasting .. Congratulations for the project, for seeing it through and for adding new features! I'm not in your target audience but I love the way the UI is so simple and Instagram-like. Basically you don't even feel like you've left Instagram.
@oprearocks ya started as a hack project where Ian (our CTO) and I worked on on the weekends. It is a lot more complicated than building a simple instagram landing page as we found out 😅 Thanks for the compliments on our UI! Our team would be happy to hear.
@cindychenc Oh yeah! I also figured that thing out :)) Make sure you forward the compliments to the team, then. They did a great job!