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Linkgage is a tool that allow users to promote their products, services, events or anything by adding a branded Call-To-Action to the links they share. Everyone who clicks your link will see the content & your call-to-actions. Links are also tracked so you can see all the views & clicks your content gets.


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    Wanted to test it against sniply. Signed up for a free trial. Anything I wanted to test was stopped by a window saying I had to upgrade to do that. Then wanted to cancel the account so not to be bothered with mails the next weeks, but nowhere to cancel. The settings option was inactive, and "my account" only allwoed me to upgrade to the paid version. Waste of time!!!


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Blake Harris@bharris
How does this differ from Sniply?
Stanley OjadovwaMaker@stanwarri · Team Lead, Codulab
Hello @bharris Some unique features that we provide includes; 1. Schedule/Auto posting to your social network 2. Ability to embed Shopify "Buy Button" for those that sell on Shopify 3. We are also rolling more features soon. Thanks
Stanley OjadovwaMaker@stanwarri · Team Lead, Codulab
Hello everyone, Many of us curate and aggregate content that we share on our social media accounts. When we share content from other authors and other websites, what are we getting in return? Our social media followers click on the link and read through the content that we shared. They close the article, and carry on with their lifes. Sure – we provided value to our social media connections, but what else are we really accomplishing? We’re not providing anything else to our readers, and we’re (more importantly) not giving ourselves an opportunity to generate a conversion. It’s a common practice for successful social media users to aggregate and share great content that isn’t there own. Everyone does it, and it’s a necessary aspect of social media. It shows that you’re not self centered and enjoy reading and sharing relevant industry articles. What if there was a way for us to place our call-to-action right on another website? That sounds like something that could be extremely valuable, right? Linkgage does just this. Linkgage is URL shortener with a twist – it gives you the ability to add your own call to action right on the page. Here is a live example: Sign up for free today - Try any plan for 50% discount with this coupon code - START50
Scott Bowler@scotty_bowler · Co-founder
This is a fantastic idea - but how does it handle websites that break out of frames or adhere to mozilla observatory?
Stanley OjadovwaMaker@stanwarri · Team Lead, Codulab
@scotty_bowler We have a script that captures websites with frame bursting scripts. It prompts the user to decide whether to leave the website or not. The only caveat is that Mozilla would want a user interaction on the page before that script will work.
Ravi Srinivasan@ravsydney · Founder -
Nice. Are your plans based on clicks to the CTA or clicks to the article? (hopefully not the later)
Stanley OjadovwaMaker@stanwarri · Team Lead, Codulab
@ravsydney The plans are based on the number of clicks on the CTA.
Nicholas Saggese@saggesenicholas · Product Manager & Maker
Is this implanted via frames or reverse proxy? A lot of sites disabled framing when sniply was introduced, in addition to clickjacking concerns. Rev proxy violates many TOS. Overall these tools always seem like a straightforward and simple idea, but they often fall into grey/black territory.
Stanley OjadovwaMaker@stanwarri · Team Lead, Codulab
@saggesenicholas This was implemented using iFrame technology. We're aware of sites disabling framing but that is just 1% of out of the millions of websites. Also we have a script for bursting iframe on some websites.
Nicholas Saggese@saggesenicholas · Product Manager & Maker
@stanwarri even if you are able to do really should be providing a rel canonical for site owners so you aren't hurting them in the SEO category.
Stanley OjadovwaMaker@stanwarri · Team Lead, Codulab
@saggesenicholas Thank you for your suggestions. We're working on that already