LinkedIn Review 2.0

Get instant feedback on your LinkedIn profile, powered by AI

Resume Worded's LinkedIn Review 2.0 helps you get more jobs, leads and opportunities via LinkedIn. Our AI-powered technology grades your LinkedIn Profile and gives you intelligent insights on how to rank higher on LinkedIn and increase your profile's visibility.

v2.0 includes a whole host of new features!

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Hi PH! Great to be back here. I'm so excited to launch this today 🙌! The problem 95% of all recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to find candidates. Additionally, millions use their LinkedIn profiles to attract clients and prospects to their businesses. LinkedIn is more important than ever in building your personal brand and career. However, most people don’t take advantage of LinkedIn. Most profiles on LinkedIn are vague and aren’t optimized for what they’re looking for. This makes your profile harder to find and results in you missing out on opportunities. I built this tool to change that - implement the feedback on your profile and you'll get more views by to your LinkedIn profile, by people that matter to you. The solution Upload your (or anyone’s) public LinkedIn profile in PDF using LinkedIn’s ‘Save to PDF’ feature. The analyser will: ✅ Review your LinkedIn profile against 50+ rules and criteria in seconds; you'll get feedback on each core component of your profile, including your headline, summary, work experience and more! ✅ Give you specific, actionable feedback on how to improve your profile’s visibility and discoverability ✅ Powered by AI and NLP, the tool grades each section of your profile ✅ Analyze what keywords your LinkedIn profile ranks for. Optimize your profile accordingly. ✅ LinkedIn networking templates to help you grow and cultivate your network ✅ Help you achieve your career goals by generating more leads, opportunities and recruiter requests The story of v2 Around mid-last year, I launched the v1 of LinkedIn Review. At the time, it was very much a side project to my main product (Resume Worded). It got a good amount of traction, but more importantly, a ton of people not only commented on PH, but also emailed me personally about how it helped them become better at getting the most out of LinkedIn. Over the past several months, I spoke to a bunch of career coaches, users and my newsletter subs. Using their feedback (thank you again!), I went back to the drawing board and after what feels like 100 iterations later, the product was finally ready :) Here's what's new compared to v1 🔥 Totally redesigned experience from ground up - every single thing was designed from scratch 🔥 20+ new features, including keyword analysis to help you rank for the right terms you want to rank for and LinkedIn networking templates 🔥 New checks - including analyzing your profile's language, tone, sentiment using nlp 🔥 New examples - learn from top profiles Try it for your own LinkedIn profile, or anyone else in your industry! You can ‘Save to PDF’ any profile on LinkedIn and upload it to the tool. If you have any feedback, please let me know! Rohan
@rmahtani93 this seems really well done — nice visual design! That said, would be good to be able to ignore certain advice, for example: The following words might not be spelled correctly: hashtag in your headline. 😂
@chrismessina Thank you so much, Chris! I'm going to add 'hashtag' into the list of exceptions for sure ha!
Why I can't login with Linkedin? :)
@okhlopkov Hey Daniel! We considered was a 'Login with LinkedIn' button; however, the public profile that is returned from LinkedIn's API was limited and wasn't as complete as the PDF that you upload to get an analysis. The PDF option seemed perfect. It is one extra 10-second step, but it allows people to upload not only their profile, but anyone else's in their industry, in case they wanted to compare their profiles. We right now just support email, Gmail and FB to sign up, but can look to add other sign in methods if you need them!
@okhlopkov @rmahtani93 yae I also expected to simply copy and paste my Linkedin profile link. Uploading the pdf is an extra step, I almost stopped at that point. However, after that the process is really great and the suggestions are really impressive to say the least.
@okhlopkov @nqobile_vundla Thanks Nqobile! Glad you made it through the extra step. Regarding copy/pasting a link into the tool: unfortunately, scraping LinkedIn profile data is strictly against LinkedIn's ToS.
I just toyed the app and it's very well done inside. Structure is good. It is great tool for somebody who is looking for a job
Great tool. I did not even know I could change my linkedIn profile link. Suggestions are really really good!!