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Andrew Ettinger — Product Hunt
As a fairly active user, I'm a big fan. The old design was quite difficult to use...a bit outdated, so to speak. But this is super well done. Congrats, guys.
@andrewett Thanks for the awesome feedback. Glad you are liking the new experience. Appreciate your use of ellipsis, completely spot on that it was a bit difficult to use.

Be on the lookout for added features, and if you haven't seen the article outlining how it was built, checkout (shameless plug):
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
Whats been the inspiration of the redesign here?

What feedback or pain points influenced this :)
Andrew Ettinger — Product Hunt
@bentossell The old design was quite difficult to use...a bit outdated, so to speak.

Congrats on the update, guys. I'm a big fan.
@bentossell I'll let @xwnzhang answer about design inspiration.

There were quite a few pain points! The biggest:
First, the old editor was showing signs of age: embedding (increasingly important these days) and text formatting were fairly brittle. It wasn't clear how we could build further on top of that. So the team opted to start over and work with so we could have a new foundation for our publishing platform. Most of what you see today is like-for-like in terms of features. But we have lots more we want to do (and that will be much easier now).

Second, a few months ago we launched the new cleaner, focused, reading UI on LinkedIn. This launch is a much-anticipated sister to that -- a full WYSIWYG experience without the standard LinkedIn menus etc. distracting from your writing.
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
@pdavies @xwnzhang Nice! Does the mobile experience reflect this too? or not just yet?
@bentossell Yup! The third sibling! We're in the middle of launching a full native reading experience inside the LinkedIn app. Should be available to everybody in the next few weeks.
Xiaowen Zhang — Design Lead at LinkedIn
Hi @bentossell, I'm the design lead on this project. Here are some of the rationales behind the redesign. Please feel free to let me know if you have any other question.

Zen mode gives members a clean, focused, and distraction free writing environment. Removed all the unnecessary elements on the page, even the Linkedin global nav bar.

Full width gives the full canvas back to our members to show their knowledge and ideas. LinkedIn truely steps back and gives members the full space, control, and sense of ownership of their articles.

WYSIWYG tool (what you see is what you get) pairs with the recently launched reading experience, to help members build confidence when they write, and before they publish.

Anchored toolbar provides easy access to the editing tools at your hand, but keep it out of your way at the same time. It is a pattern our members are familiar and comfortable with. It is always there by their hand, accessible but not in the way. Also the tool bar is acting like a nice reminder of the things they can do on the page.

Enhanced rich media embeds flow guides members to easily add rich and engaging content into their articles to support or enhance their ideas.

A new author hub brings members drafts, posts & access to stats all in one place. Reduced the friction of finding your stuff on LinkedIn.

Customization before publishing gives member the control at the pre-publishing flow, to #tag and to customize the message to tell their network what their article is about.

A good foundation that opens up the potential. The new design is a good foundation that we can keep drawing on. Gives us the opportunity to scale the platform to help our members creating richer and more engaging content in the future.
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