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mine hasn't updated to the latest version yet. I really hope they've made it better - LinkedIn messages are a TERRIBLE user experience. Same with being sent a linkedin request - I have no idea who ~75% of the people that add me on LinkedIn actually are.
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@_jacksmith +1 TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE user experience! I'm really curious why haven't they fixed it yet ?! Nice work @urbanturbanguy !
@_jacksmith LinkedIn is a great tool and messaging IS getting better, but it would be a better one if open to third party app makers. That would unleash tons of creativity. Here are some who try doing that
Facebook Messenger for business leads? I can see some interesting use cases for robots in there, helping out on recruiting or sales pipelines
It's so much better!
This is awesome, long overdue, but looks simple enough. Congrats @urbanturbanguy ! Curious to hear about how this came about, what your high-level goals for this product are. Also: any way to get early access? (I'm inpatient in Singapore)
Is this web only?
@patrickjbradley It looks like there will be iOS and Android apps similar to the Linkedin Lookup apps that came out a few weeks ago.
@blake this will actually be part of the main LinkedIn app for now. That way the millions of people who use LinkedIn's mobile app everyday will get access without having to install anything else.
@markhull Ah! That makes sense.
@markhull Any word on wider availability? This still isn't showing up for me.