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Welcome, Product Hunters & Sales Hunters. :D In 2010 I lost my sales job. It was a hard sales job, a daily inside sales struggle selling oversees - and LinkedIn was the ONLY way to get in touch with new prospects. But it was so frustrating. No answer > no clue if they care. I was inefficient, and decided to do something about the lack of sales intelligence around LinkedIn messaging... > Saleswings is a Chrome Extension like Sidekick, but for LinkedIn! > Get notified in real-time when your LinkedIn prospects visit your website! > Stop wasting time with LinkedIn prospects who just-don't-care!? > An intuitive cockpit puts the hottest prospects at the top - based on a smart lead scoring algorithm! Please, Hunters, give us feedback! ## How does on-boarding feel? ## What sucks? ## What's great? ## What feature would you LOVE to see? ## What else? Now go and HUNT HUNT HUNT! Your SalesWings Team PS: All Product Hunters get a super-special-bonus discount; click through! (Legal disclaimer for LinkedIn folks: We don't scrape any contact data - be assured)
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Oh and of course, here's your dedicated goodies page with some kitty goody! http://www.saleswingsapp.com/pro...
@phswiss are you considering to make this for Twitter? I hate LinkedIn, I get lots and lots of sporadically interesting spam from it. 10% is interesting, and when it is, usually it's pretty neato. It's badly designed, you get too much emails from them, and because they spoiled that part nobody is active on it, people just put on their CV/resumé and leave it become a zombie over time. The only thing that is great from LinkedIn is that you can download your connections emails haha Any plans to fix LinkedIn? Or what's your association with it? Now it's part of Microsoft... not sure if they will make any acquisitions now?
@milann Hey Milan, great feedback here. We're not part of #LinkedIn but we definitely feel that this a way to help people get a higher ROI from their investment on LinkedIn (subscriptions, InMails, etc.). Messaging is too slow and indeed, not all interactions are great. Personally the feed has become a mess to me. But it still remains a great place to network I must say. By the way no, I don't think you can even export your connection's emails anymore... correct me if I am wrong. LinkedIn is getting quite closed, at the same time, there are initiatives to provide more CRM integrations, which makes sense. They do need to protect their members contact info a bit though. Yes we are thinking of building this for twitter too. The issue with building this for twitter is that there are a lot of platforms where people work in twitter and answer there inboxes, so it's going to be super difficult to focus. Any recommendation here? Where do you get your twitter stuff done? Apart from the tracking, any idea for a cool feature? :)
@milann Hi Milan, I was also a LinkedIn zombie. I posted my resume and nothing more. However, Since I started to work in the B2B industry I had the opportunity to discovered a new way of interacting with people on LinkedIn. To be clear I try to avoid spamming people, and if I do it, I try to do it in a smart way. ;) I strongly believe in personalization, that means that each Inmail or Message is personalized. To personalize the messages I use the LinkedIn profile of the person and time to time… I use Crystal Knows, I must admit it. ;). The reality is that you have several LinkedIn tools that allow LinkedIn to cover up in his deficit, such as Crystal, Dux soup etc… So, do your still feel that your time is better spent on Twitter? ...
@milann Indeed it would be great to have message tracking for Twitter too. As @phswiss mentioned most of Twitter is automated from other tools (buffer, socedo, etc..) so we'd need to find a better way! Any idea is welcome! hehe
Hi PH Community, I'm just quickly stepping in as the main dev of this application. We really built this app to handle a huge load and being easily scalable across the clouds. So, as a user, you don't need to worry about unavailabilities of the app :) but more important - the website tracking for your LinkedIn messages is installed in a blink of an eye. Just insert a small javascript on you're website and you'll super quickly be able to identify who's interested in which product on your website - in real time!
@odroz what are your smallest challenges? It seems you've built this for scale, but you only have 6 chrome extension users (or did you just launch that feature?). Will definitely try to break the site and share feedback ;)
@milann @odroz No, those are only the 6 five star reviews you're seeing. :)
@milann we're waiting for the 7th star :) The idea is that when you install it, you can forget about it. It will automatically track your contacts and send you a notification once our algo tells they're ready to buy!
Can't wait to use this! This has been a missing piece in B2B biz dev and sales for a while. I use LinkedIn for outreach all the time, so this will be a game changer.
@benread Hi Ben, thank you very much for your feedback! Yes, you are right, it gives to Salespeople a plus value. For instance, I can send a LinkedIn Inmail to a prospect, and even if he doesn't reply, I can know his level of interest. You said that you use LinkedIn all the time. Me too ;). Can you tell me which tools do you use to "boost" LinkedIn performances? As I said to Milan, I use Crystal, Dux Soup, SalesWings and Email Hunter...Any other suggestion is welcome. Best regards, Sara
@benread Hey Ben, thanks so much for the comment. Apart from lead website tracking, what are you missing, to help us make the product even better?
Congrats Philip! Saleswings looks fantastic.
@conradegusa Thanks Conrad - much appreciated! We also offer the same functionality (message-to-website tracking) through Gmail, Outlook, and newsletter integrations. Here some details: www.saleswingsapp.com
Looks great. Any worries LinkedIn may shut something like this down? Especially it being the first of its kind (at least from what I've seen). They definitely shut down a few prospecting tools but I think at the volume they were being created, they couldn't handle it?